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Hakkımızda (About Us)

Cinsel Sağlık Eğitim Araştırma ve Tedavi Derneği (CİSEATED-ASEHERT) 2014 yılında kurulmuş olan bir sivil toplum kuruluşudur. Merkezi İstanbuldur. Hem halka, hem de sağlık profesyonellerine eğitim vermek, bu konularda araştırma yapmak, tedavi yapmak ve tedavi merkezleri oluşturmak için kurulmuştur. Başkanı Doç.  Dr. Ümit Sayındır.

Derneğin kuruluş amacı, kamu yararı amacıyla ve aile kurumunun korunması amacıyla ulusal ve uluslararası boyutta cinsel sağlık ve insan cinselliği, cinsel fizyoloji, cinsel fonksiyon bozuklukları, cinsel fonksiyon bozukluklarının nedenlerinin ve tedavisinin araştırılması, cinsel tedavi ve ilgili konularda MULTİ-DİSİPLİNER ve İNTER-DİSİPLİNER araştırmalar ve çalışmalar yapmak; halka ve topluma, hekimlere, cinsel terapistlere, psikiyatristlere ve psikologlara, sağlıkla ilgili profesyonel çalışanlara eğitim vermek, bu konuda her türlü yayıncılık faaliyetini gerçekleştirmek; cinsel sağlık konusunda bilimsel ve akademik çalışmalar yapmak; Kongreler, paneller, konferanslar, eğitim festivalleri düzenlemek; cinsellikle ilgili fonksiyon bozuklukları konusunda araştırma, eğitim ve tedavi hizmetlerini vermek; yurtdışındaki kurumlarla yukardaki konularda koordinasyonlar ve ortak bilimsel ve akademik çalışmalar düzenlemektir. Aile terapisi, aile danışmanlığı, cinsel terapi, aile kurumunun korunması gibi konularda toplumun cinsel sağlığının korunması, eğitilmesi, bilgilendirilmesi açısından bilimsel, akademik çalışmalar ve bilimsel araştırmalar yapmak. Aile danışmanlığı merkezleri, cinsel terapi merkezleri, aile kurumunun korunması amacı ile kamu yararına gerekli kanunlar, tüzükler ve genelgelere ve Sağlık Bakanlığı ve Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı mevzuatına uygun olarak pek çok danışmanlık, eğitim, araştırma ve tedavi merkezleri kurmak.

Derneğin Web Sitesi: www.ciseated.org


ASEHERT is an NGO established in 2014. The center is in İstanbul. The president is Dr. Ümit Sayin. Main aim and mission statement is to give education to the public and the health professionals; to do research; to promote sexual health and freedom; to treat sexual function disorders and to establish treatment centers.
1-SHORT DEFINITION: Founding  purpose of the association is to do research on sexual health and human sexuality, sexual physiology, sexual dysfunctions, the treatment and causes of sexual dysfunctions at national and international levels, to perform multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research and studies of sexual treatment and related subjects; educate the public and the society, doctors, sexual therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists, professionals of health; accomplish scientific and academic research on sexual health; undertake  service of research, education and treatment about malfunctions related to sexuality; organize scientific and academic studies in cooperation with, associations abroad about the topics mentioned above. Execute scientific, academic studies and scientific research for the purpose of public sexual health promotion, protection, education and information on topics such as family therapy, family counselling, sexual therapy, protection of the family institution. Establishing family counselling centers, sexual therapy centers, and many counselling, education, research and treatment centers for promotingpublic welfare and protection of the family health compatible with the necessary law, statutes and circulars and legislations of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.

The purpose of the association is:

1-To do research in order to enable Sexual Education, Research and Treatment activities,

2-To organize education activities like courses, seminars, congresses, scientific festivals, conferences and panels,

3-To obtain all kinds of information, document and publication, and establish a documentation center necessary to implement the purpose, to publish publications like newspapers, journals or books in accordance with its purpose in order to announce its activities,

 4-To provide a healthy working environment to achieve its purpose, acquire all kinds of technical tool and equipment, stationary and fixture,

5-To organize donation activities with the statuary permits and accept domestic and international donations,

6-In order to acquire the necessary income to achieve the purpose of the statute, establish economical, commercial and industrial businesses and manage them,

7-To open local entertainment foundations, to establish social and cultural facilities and furnish them for the benefit of its members and for their leisure time.

8-To organize dining meetings, congresses, festivals, concerts, balls, exhibitions, sport, travel and entertainment activities, etc., in order to forge the relationship between members or promote its members to benefit from such activities .

9-To buy, sell or rent, chattels or real estates and reclaim ownership on real estates,

10-In order to achieve its purpose if need be, to found foundations, federations or join a federation, to found facilities that associations are capable of with the statuary permits,

11-To participate in international activities, to become members of associations or organizations abroad and to do collaborative work or aid one another, to prepare the necessary internal regulations to implement those activities,         

12-In order to achieve its purpose if need be, under the Law no: 5072 on the Foundation and Relationship of Associations and Foundations with Public Institutions and Establishments, to implement collaborative projects with Public Institutions and Establishments within their related areas.

13-To create funds in order to provide its members with fundamental needs like food and clothing and other types of goods or services and to provide for their short term credit needs.

14-To open offices-branches in places where deemed necessary

15- To create platforms with other associations, foundations, syndicates or other NGOs to achieve a
common purpose in fields related to the purpose of the association and not prohibited by law.

16-To organize special education activities for the public and the lay men. For the protection of the family and the institution of family to organize education activities about basic sexual physiology, sexual health and sexual function disorders, venereal diseases, HIV-AIDS and their treatment. To organize educational events on BIRTH CONTROL, birth, abortion, healthy child care and upbringing. To plan, program and implement all kinds of educational activity related to women together with institutions domestic and abroad. To publish journals, articles, books and web sites on this topic. To organize seminars, workshops, educational sessions, conferences, panels, symposiums. To organize long or short term paid courses, seminars, conferences, workshops, etc., comprising of different modules and education Programmes in state or private universities for the university students. With the hypothesis to protect Turkish family structure and the institution of family  to organize special seminars, lectures, conferences, courses, workshops, paid educational Programmes and to prepare regulations within the association in order to implement those activities,

17-To organize various paid educational Programmes, workshops, seminars, long and short term courses, conferences, congresses for public and youth over 21 years old, about sexual educational topics like TANTRA and Far Eastern sexuality and sexual techniques, ESR (Expanded Sexual Response) etc. As a start, to give special seminars, education about sexual function disorders like vaginismus and anorgazmi as stated in the web site www.tantraakademi.com. To do scientific, academic research, education and studies in order to realize a happier, more harmonious and pleasurable relationship and ‘a happy family institution’,

18- To implement activities in health,  cultural , educational and social fields;  To organize dining meetings, congresses, festivals, concerts, balls, exhibitions, sport, travel and entertainment activities, etc., in order to forge the relationship between members or promote its members to benefit from such activities. The members of the association benefit from these activities for FREE or with a minimum fee the Board of Directors determined according to the conditions. To prepare regulations within the association in order to buy, sell or rent, chattels or real estates and reclaim ownership on real estates,
19-In order to realize these objectives to establish cooperation and coordination with specialized institutions like NACS, FIAS, SEXPO Foundation, SSSS, WAS, IASR, UNICEF, United Nations, AASECT, ISSWSH, EF;  to organize joint scientific and educational studies, congresses, educational Programmes, festivals;  for the graduates of these specific courses compatible with the accredited or unaccredited exams, to issue certificates as sexual therapist, sexologist, sexual health expert, sexual health coach, sexual health consultant, etc.

20-To establish digital documentation and editing centers; film animation centers; centers for education using films; educational centers or systems that are digital, virtual or through internet. To establish elements that realize education through films, film editing, production, animation, videos and all related communication systems and visual material. To establish cooperation and coordination with parties abroad who perform education by similar digital, filmed or animated media and bring those systems to Turkey and translate them; to adopt them to Turkey and Turkish. To open museums and education centers on sexual health in compliance with the related law and regulations.

21-To create and find financial resources or sponsors to organize International Anatolian Sexual Health Congresses and to establish the foundations for these congresses. www.sexologycongress2014.com and  www.sexologycongress2014.org

To organize the International Anatolian Sexual Health Congresses; to establish their infrastructure; to search, find, create, raise financial resources for them; to find sponsorships. To realize First International Anatolian Sexual Health Congress via www.sexologycongress2014.comand www.sexologycongress2014.org web sites and to release consecutive congresses with these or similar web sites within 2 or 3 year periods. To organize national end international Sexual Health Festival series that are free and open to public (International Sexual Health Festival-EVE Festival). To organize sexual health festivals, congresses, symposiums and similar activities that is open to public via the web sitewww.evefestival.org or the like.

22- SEXUS JOURNAL: To publish electronic and/or printed international scientific and academic SEXUS Journal or the like; to manage the foundation, board of referees and web activities of this journal and regular publication/printing of it. To publish similar journals and magazines for the public. To manage financial establishments and sponsorship relations for these activities. To publish via the present web site of   Quarterly Journal SEXUS that will be released quarterly together with the start of Anatolian Congresses: to buy the web sites www.sexusjournal.com andwww.sexusjournal.org and update them. To publish similar national or international academic, scientific or public journals.

23- To establish health institutions in compliance with the current regulations that may do all kinds of RESERACH on sexual health, education, research and treatment; TO DO ALL KINDS OF RESEARCH in compliance with the purposes mentioned in Articles 3 and 4; to establish companies, limited companies, joint-stock companies, holding companies. The research in question may be listed as:
  • All kinds of MEDICAL, BIOCHEMİCAL, MICROBIOLOGICAL, GYNECOLOGICAL, UROLOGICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, PSYCHIATRIC, NEUROSCIENTIFIC, NEUROLOGICAL research and education activities related to sexual education, research and treatment.
  • Surveys, sociological tests-studies.
  • All kinds of PSYCHOMETRIC TETS related to psychology and psychiatry, Personality Tests and inventories, scales, psychometric tests, etc.  All kinds of scientific and academic study and research with national and international scientists and academicians in order to actualize the purposes of the association in the related articles.

24- In agreement with the Ministry of Health and in compliance with the current regulations, to open treatment centers, polyclinics, sexual therapy centers, and treatment institutions on sexual function disorders, sexual diseases, venereal diseases, HIV-AIDS, bacterial or viral diseases transmitted by genitalia and to manage those institutions with the support of national and international institutions.  To find and recruit trained medical staff, psychologists, psychiatrists, gynecologists, urologists   to these institutions; to educate both the public and the health professionals on these subject matters.  


Dernek Kuruluşu: 21.03.2014

Dernek No: 34-202-004

Vergi No: 2110674770

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Başkan: humitsayin@gmail.com

Başkan Yardımcısı: oktayaksoy@gmail.com 

Sekreter: arisaltaner@gmail.com


Dernek:     0216 450 21 57

Dr. Ümit Sayın Dernek Tel: 

CİSEATED Telefonu: 0538 971 0906 

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